BE Integration – Bringing power and information together

The way a building performs is greatly reliant on the electrical infrastructure which creates the backbone of the critical information we need to run and manage the buildings of today.

Over the last 5 years, there has been an acceleration in the technology installed within switchboards and this pace is increasing in a power conscious and information rich society.

Our new business unit BE Integration leads this charge and is shaping the future of smart buildings across the city and beyond.

We are now manufacturing ‘Smart Panels’, which feature integrated metering, lighting control, SCADA systems, BMS controls and much more.

We can now provide both high level and detailed information to help our clients manage their power and harness information that will transform their operations.

To activate this initiative, BE Switchcraft have acquired the Lighting Control arm of Integrate IOT who were a Schneider Eco Expert Platinum Partner in Lighting and Room Control.  We have also become a Schneider Eco Expert Connected Power Partner.

This allows us to build a Switchboard, install lighting control and metering hardware and provide the electrical contractor with the engineering, programming and software needed to deliver a turnkey solution that can be monitored on both web and mobile app options. It’s an energy game changing solution.

We can also engineer solutions for existing installations to help our existing and long term clients.

Real time, online information and control that can look at the incoming ACB or right down to a single power point.

With over 50 years of innovation and design excellence, it’s all about creating solutions that continue to help our clients, and the planet.

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