Why does quality matter to BE Switchcraft?

Every time we are approached to quote on any new project, a process begins that looks to add value.

We have a very close collaboration between our estimation and design teams and together they examine new products and new options that can make each switchboard we make more efficient in operation and design.

We also look to where we can save our customers money. An example of this is where we will engineer better connection points to make installation easier and quicker.

Our drawings are critical to the success of each switchboard we produce because of the care and detail that goes into each one.  It is our interpretation of our customers needs which we then work on together to create the best result.

We also examine every aspect of the board and ensure that it complies with all the relevant Australian Standards and codes. This aligns with our attitude of not taking shortcuts and delivering a solution of the highest integrity.

When considering the components that go into each board we have one simple rule. If we can’t support a product in the long term, we won’t use it.

We are making products that are right at the heart of major buildings and projects and our customers are counting on us to look after their outcomes.

It’s all about creating value and quality throughout everything we do and it is what we have been doing for over 50 years.

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