New aviation fuel depot in PNG


The aviation industry demands a lot from its infrastructure and in the tropics of PNG, the design and build of electrical switchboards and other control systems is critical to safe and productive operations.  BE Switchcraft was awarded a contract to build a new main switchboard and related equipment for the revamped fuel depot facility at Jackson Airport in Port Moresby, PNG.

The project involves the construction of two 4.3 million litre vertical jet fuel storage tanks to cater for the country’s resources boom, it allows the capacity of jet fuel to increase from the current half a million litre capacity which offers coverage of only one day to over 16 times that level after completion.

Working with 2 engineering companies, the project has allowed BE Switchcraft to showcase its ability to deliver highly sophisticated outcomes with an exceptional quality build demanded in the environment. Nick Rowe, BE Switchcraft Managing Director explains;

“This is a huge step away from power and light distribution which is our core business and involves working closely with 2 different engineering firms engaged on the project and coordinating the PLC wiring and functionality between the two of them.”

Nick Rowe
BE Switchcraft Managing Director

Project specifications

Main Switchboard / Drive / PLC combined

4 x 90kw Variable speed drives

2 x soft starters

Built in sections to allow transport in shipping container

Air conditioned enclosure

Significant PLC Integration

Intrinsically safe barriers


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