Matt Schmidt

Management / Manufacturing

Production Manager
Matt came to BE Switchcraft in 2005 as a trade assistant and casual labourer in our sheetmetal department. He undertook university studies in construction management for over two years over a period of time before returning to full-time work with us in 2010. In 2014 Matt was chosen to take responsibility for production management across the  two departments based on his aptitude and inclusive manner. Matt works closely with the electrical and sheetmetal departments to ensure that every product meets the quality standards we are known for. Much of his work though, is in developing people and sharing the knowledge stored within every employee with experience that can help us all grow. He regularly seeks advice and always takes forward concepts and processes that will make us more efficient.

Matt’s aptitude to work and collaboration has earned him good deal of respect from more senior people. This is because through better efficiency and the sharing of knowledge, the business grows and shares the human capital with hundreds of years of knowledge.

Matt has recently implemented a greater use of Solidworks as a means to streamline production processes and reduce time and wastage. he is looking to develop his skills more and study to broaden his own knowledge.

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