SA Water building

SA Water Building

Location: Adelaide

SA Water House was the first South Australian building to be awarded a 6 Star Green Star – Office Design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Key points

  • Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Boards
  • Automatic Transfer switches
  • Automated lighting control
  • BMS / Metering


Measurement devices throughout the switchboards to provide the building owner with energy data and control of the whole building.

New Aviation Fuel depot PNG


Location: Port Moresby PNG

Scope of works
Main Switchboard/ Drive/ PLC Combined for new Fuel Depot

Key points

  • Tropical climate and exacting standards of build required
  • Worked closely with 2 engineering firms to deliver outcome


  • 4 x 90kw Variable speed drives
  • 2 x soft starters
  • Air conditioned enclosure
  • Significant PLC Integration
  • Intrinsically safe barriers
  • Built in sections to allow transport in shipping containers

Lyell McEwin Health Services


Location: Elizabeth, SA

Scope of works
Main switchboards, main distribution boards, generating power change-over switchboards & general distribution boards.

Key challenges

  • Project requirements included comprehensive provisions for continuity of supply to all critical and essential services. spatial challenges
  • Extensive monitoring of the use of energy, remote ‘bms’ control of ‘lighting’ and ‘loadshedding’ throughout the installation facilitated prioritizing of energy requirements in case of ‘mains failure’ and ‘back-up’ supply and status monitoring.

Liberal use of ‘built-in’ and complimentary energy measurement devices throughout switchboards to provide client with energy data & control of the whole building as required.

Tonsley Redevelopment


Location: Tonsley Park, SA

Scope of works
Main boards & general distribution boards

Key challenges

  • selective interlocking of mains supply and submain supply
  • spatial challenges

Emergency shutdown provisions for local isolation

Adelaide Convention Centre


Location: South Riverbank, Adelaide SA

Scope of works
main distribution boards & general distribution boards

Key challenges
load-shedding controls Essential and Non-Essential power sections


  • main distribution boards include arc-containment & venting
  • BMS energy monitoring controls


Parliament House Canberra


Location: Canberra, ACT

Scope of works
To provide Member suites and auxiliary rooms (Lower House & Senate) with general lighting and power distribution boards

Key challenges
BMS lighting control with individual local over-ride switching

Low-voltage BMS system controlled lighting (new for its time!)

Port Moresby Football Stadium

Location: Port Moresby PNG

Scope of works
Multiple electrical distribution boards

Special Features
Extensive security, perimeter, pole lighting controls

Lighting controlled by pe-cells, time switches & management control panel



Location: North Terrace  Adelaide SA

Scope of works
main switchboards, main distribution boards & general distribution boards

Key challenges
(i) D&C project with an extensive ‘in-house’ design component.

(ii)Sophisticated load-shedding controls to provide selection for Critical, Essential and Non-Essential power sections

(iii) Back Up supply with ‘Peak Lopping’ controls

(iiii) Extensive Load & Status Monitoring & Communication with BMS

(v) full discrimination of major switchgear components

liberal use of ‘built-in’ and complimentary measurement devices throughout switchboards to provide client with data & control of the whole building