EMS - Energy Management System

An Energy Management System or EMS is an intuitive, intelligent system that can monitor and report the key information of an energy meter and present it in a web browser environment. This helps building owners or managers identify issues with their power use and gives them data that will help them make better decisions about how to improve their power management. It also identifies problematic areas of overuse of power.

It can be installed in existing switchboards or can be built into a new installation. It has now become part of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) rules for any commercial building of over 500 square meters. An EMS also improves a buildings NABERS ratings which assists building owners to qualify for  large corporate and government tenants   

Why use BE Switchcraft?
Our EMS is a “one off “ payment system with no ongoing license fees, unlike any other product on the market today, another major advantage is our ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple brands of meters.

Benefits of Energy Management Systems
The major benefit we have seen is the visibility of the complete energy system and being able to make decisions based on that information. Being data rich brings major benefits to all businesses and helps businesses make good energy management decisions.

Our system starts at the point of supply right down to the final sub circuit and can network multiple sites in one clean web-enabled platform.