BE Switchcraft has always played the long game when it comes to quality, safety and the environment.

These are part of our DNA. We don't impose high standards of quality control, safety or environmental.

They come from within everyone who works at BE Switchcraft

Quality: It's built in
At BE Switchcraft we build to Australian Standards.
We have always worked to one guiding principle. We always build a product of the best quality. This attitude has been passed down over time and every person in our business knows and understands that their future is linked to their individual input into ensuring their work is the best it can be.

While we are certified to ISO 9001:2015, our own commitment ensures our success.
In the smallest production task or in our relationships with clients, we look to bring and add quality to everything we do. It's in our DNA.

We know we can always improve and learn, so we audit our processes and skills continuously to help maintain the quality in everything we do.

Safety: We get it
Building electrical switchboards, we understand how important safety is to our end users. Incorporating state of the art equipment and safety systems is critical. So too is the process of designing and building our switchboards. Across BE Switchcraft, we regularly audit our work to look for ways to improve the safety and wellbeing of our people as they perform their work.

Our Safety Committee meets regularly and is composed of people from across the business who understand the processes and can help eliminate, substitute or engineer better solutions for processes.

Staff are encouraged to come forward with ideas to improve safety and solutions or improvements are actively pursued.

Environment: Our responsibility
In any manufacturing operation, there is a responsibility to work cleaner and greener. We do this by looking to recycling waste materials across our whole site, from paper and materials to all our wood and steel waste.

We also have noise emission controls and there are no toxic substances kept on site. Our products are designed to be energy efficient and we always seek to help our end users by producing equipment that reduces the power load and protects our environment through reduced emissions.

Everyone of our people knows that we share the responsibility to leave a better future to the next generation. Its what we've been doing for generations already.

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